Eczema Dungarees in Floral Print NEW

SKU: X904/FLO/80

They're back!  An all time favourite - our soft super comfy 100% Organic Cotton kids Eczema Dungarees with enclosed feet and our trademark flat seams.

Soft double layer to protect itchy ankles and itchy feet with behind the knee protection designed to minimise damage from night time scratching.  Also great for day time relaxing or playing, keeping sensitive feet and legs safe from from dusty floors or other allergens like grass pollen. 

Wear with our best selling mitten T in naturalsea green or swedish blue for night time or in the day try our long sleeve top in blue or grey

SIZING - All sizes are in Kids height i.e. 100 is for a child who is 1m tall and this should last them until they are 1m 10cm tall when they should fit the 110.   See our Size Guide for indicative ages for these sizes. 

Why It's Great

  • 100% Organic Cotton 
  • Soft double layer feet and ankles to minimise damage from night time scratching
  • Flat seams inside and out for extra comfort
  • Just the right weight for sensitive skin - durable but not too warm 
  • Machine wash at 60c (or higher) and cool tumble dry
  • Made for Cotton Comfort in Europe