Cotton Comfort Black School Trousers - 100% Organic Cotton (6-11yr)

Type: Schoolwear
SKU: CB53/BLK/120

Discontinued - buy NOW before they're gone!  

100% Organic Cotton school trousers with a zip style and flat front. 

Adjustable cotton lined waist and slim waist/leg fit.  Excellent quality mid weight cotton which is soft and comfy and not too hot for children with eczema.  

See below for sizing - these come up fairly small so please measure before you buy.

Why They're Great

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Cotton side pockets
  • Cotton lined waist
  • Hot wash - 60c
  • Air dry
  • Made in a Fair Trade Community in India for Cotton Comfort 


6-7yrs - waist 24-26", inner leg 22" 

8-9yrs - waist 25-27", inner leg 24" 

9-10yrs - waist 26-28", inner leg 25"

10-11yrs - waist 26-28", inner leg 26"