Eczema Scratch Mitten T Eco-Organic Adult

Protect and minimize damage to sore skin during involuntary night time scratching
IMPORTANT NOTE - Sizes are generous and suitable for both men and women, however we recommend that women buy a size down. X509 size 160 will be more suitable for small women.
Original soft roomy double layer mittens
100% Organic Cotton

Why It's Great


  • Eczema protection anti scratch mitten T shirt
  • Protect against secondary infections and prevent scarring
  • Close fitting easy on/off neckline prevents hands gaining access to scratch
  • Relaxed raglan sleeves so no uncomfortable tight seams around the armholes
  • Soft roomy double layer mittens protect and minimise damage from night time scratching
  • Flat seams inside and out for extra comfort
  • Soft natural colour with rainbow stitching
  • Label is on the outside Note : Sizes are generous if in doubt buy a size down
  • 100% Organic cotton
  • Fabric weight 180gsm
  • Machine wash at 60c
  • Cool tumble dry
  • Can be boiled
  • Made in the EU for Cotton Comfort