Long sleeve nightie in Cornish blue stripe


NEW full length 100% organic cotton snuggly nightie, long sleeves with soft narrow cuffs specially made for us with our trademark extra comfy flat seams throughout.

Generous sizing (like previous nighties) with button-up front which make putting on super easy yet provides good cover.  Timeless quality at its best. 

Same soft jersey mid-weight cotton as our PJ's - light enough not to get too hot yet durable and just right to protect from any involuntary scratching.

Why It's Great

100% Certified Organic Cotton

  • Beautifully soft and comfortable
  • Every seam is flat, inside and out, including armhole seams
  • No label on the inside - just a small one on outside lower side seam that can be removed fairly easily
  • Fabric weight 180gsm jersey
  • Generous sizing - so please buy a size down if in doubt 
  • No latex or elastic of any kind 
  • Can be washed at 60c or more 
  • Cool tumble dry
  • Made in the Ukraine for Cotton Comfort 

Size (and length - mid back to hem):
Small / Size 8-12 - 124cm
Medium / Size 14-16 - 125cm
Large / Size 18-20 - 126cm
XLarge / Size 20+ - 127cm