Kids Ribbed Tights - 100% Organic Cotton - 8-9yrs in Natural only

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SKU: C28/NAT/134

100% organic cotton tights that are soft ribbed cotton with hand linked flat toe seams. 

Essential cover for eczema and a relaxed fit to comfort sensitive or itchy feet, legs and tummies. 

As they do not have elastane in and just have natural stretch they will look slightly larger and will reduce in size slightly when washed and regain their shape after wearing. 

Age 8-9yrs is for kids of height 134cm-140cm. 

Why They're Great 

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Hand linked flat toe seams
  • Soft cotton to comfort sore feet and legs
  • Cotton covered elastic waist
  • Machine wash at 60c
  • Cool tumble dry
  • Made in the EU by Grodo