Organic Cotton Ergonomic Face Covering With Inner Protective Layer Child 6-10yr - final stock

Type: Masks
SKU: T22/ORG/6-10

Ergonomic shaping ensures good coverage and fit over the nose without using inner metal strips.

Designed to be comfortable for extended wear.

Double-thickness mask made from Certified Organic Cotton with high yarn density with the addition of a synthetic inner layer to maximize protection for yourself and minimizes contagion to third parties.

Soft touch smooth fabric which is gentle on the skin and free of dyes and chemicals which ensure suitability for those with allergies.

Ergonomic design ensures that that there is space between the mask and the nose and mouth, eliminating the claustrophobic feelings experienced by some users with close fitting masks. This also ensures clear speech as the mouth is not too closely covered.

We recommend a complete cycle in a washing machine at 60º with any organic laundry product to ensure the inactivity of the virus between each wearing. Estimated durability of more than 100 washes.

Why It's Great 

CHILD SIZE TO FIT 6-10 years - ready to decorate!

  • Please note that this is a personal care product and cannot be considered for return. refund or exchange.
  • Cotton is not considered an optimal fabric for protection against COVID19 due to its ability to retain moisture, however, with the synthetic inner (PU) layer of this style we offer real protection against contagion to third parties as it eliminates the possibility that the wet particles we generate transfer to the exterior as well as blocking those from the exterior to the interior.
  • The polyurethane inner layer is both waterproof and breathable.
  • The users breath is exhaled from the sides of the mask and not through the fabric, this mask is not classed as PPE and all Government advice and precautions must still be followed to ensure full protection against COVID19