Organii Cotton Plasters


45 pieces Mixed sizes
Organic cotton backed plasters with vegetable based adhesive allow the skin to breathe and promote healing
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Why They're Great 

Benefits of Organic Cotton Plasters:

Do you react badly to ‘regular’ plasters? and do you hesitate to put them on your child’s sensitive skin? more especially if they are suffering from eczema?
These unique new plasters are made in Italy

  • These unique new plasters are made in Italy
  • Are dermatologically tested
  • Have organic cotton backing
  • Use vegetable based adhesives
  • Are individually packaged
  • Are delicate and allow the skin to breathe
  • Suitable for vegetarians

Why organic plasters?

We could say that the cheaper the plaster the poorer the quality, but what is quality when it comes to plasters?

There are short cuts being used to achieve medical criteria

regular plasters may be irradiated

they may be impregnated with disinfectants and

the glues made from chemical adhesives containing PVC

The cotton may be grown with chemical fertilisers and

treated with herbicides and fungicides and then chemically bleached

We are all aware that ‘what goes onto your skin goes into your body’

Any skin that is broken and needs a plaster (and a hug) needs the best possible conditions to heal.

Ingredients: 78% organic cotton 22% natural adhesive