Kids Scratch Mitten T Opening Hand

SKU: X515/COA/90

A clever NEW variation of our best selling eczema scratch mitten T!
Protects and minimizes damage to sore skin during involuntary nighttime scratching

With this version, our trademark soft roomy double layer mittens fold back meaning kids can brush their teeth or read a book then close them up for a good nights sleep.

Also fantastic for daytime use - in the back of the car or at playgroups for little ones who want to have the option of using their hands but might be tempted to scratch if left open for long.  

The clever design inside the mittens allows them to open but means they don't 'flop' open involuntarily like other opening mitten hands we've seen.

SIZING - All sizes are in Kids height i.e. 100 is for a child who is 1m tall and this should last them until they are 1m 10cm tall when they should fit the 110.   See our Size Guide for indicative ages for these sizes. 

Why It's Great

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • In classic Coastal Blue - slightly darker than our Swedish Blue 
  • Soft roomy double layer mitts minimise damage from night time scratching yet open if needed (but not too easily!) 
  • Protects against secondary infections and prevents scarring
  • Close-fitting neckline prevents easy access to scratch
  • Relaxed raglan sleeves so no uncomfortable tight seams around the armhole
  • Flat seams inside and out for extra comfort
  • Easy remove label on the outside 
  • Best fabric weight for sensitive skin 
  • Machine washable at 60 degrees or more with cool tumble dry
  • Made in the Ukraine for Cotton Comfort