Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

At Eczema Clothing we are a small team who are extremely passionate about what we do. Most of us have either experienced eczema and other skin conditions ourselves, or have seen family members suffer with these, and understand the impact that they can have on us. Together, our aim is to provide you and your family with carefully designed clothing solutions to help alleviate discomfort, allowing you to live a happier life.


Jo – Managing Director

Jo comes from a family of eczema and allergy sufferers and took over Cotton Comfort / Eczema Clothing in 2021, after spending 30 years in business and finance across a range of private, listed and charitable entities.  Jo is passionate about helping others and is also a Trustee of Ark Schools, one of the largest multi academy trusts in the UK.


Peter – Director

Pete has spent most of his career working as a management consultant leading large scale projects and change programmes, including 2½ enjoyable years on the London Olympics. Pete’s focus is process efficiency and he now oversees our back office operations.  As someone who has suffered badly from eczema and allergies in the past (and feels guilty about having passed on the gene to his children!), Pete is delighted to be working with Cotton Comfort to help fellow sufferers.  When not at his desk, Pete can generally be found either on his bike as a fully signed-up MAMIL (‘middle-aged man in lycra’ – to which thankfully he’s not allergic!) or on/near water.


Amy – Company Advisor

Amy is an adviser to Eczema Clothing, working with Jo on strategy, marketing and business development. She also advises and invests in start-ups and venture capital funds designed for impact as well as helping social entrepreneurs and charities. She is passionate about the potential of doing good with business and loves the social mission Eczema Clothing has in supporting people with itchy skin. She too suffers from eczema flare ups, usually on her feet and ankles - so especially loves our socks!


Tanja – Sales Manager

Tanja has always worked in a sales environment. She loves reaching out to new people and identifying new growth opportunities. One of the reasons that Tanja enjoys working for Eczema Clothing is that we sell products that can truly make a difference to people’s lives and well-being. As a young child and throughout her teenage years, Tanja suffered from eczema. She still has dry and sensitive skin, but the eczema is under control, for now.


Miranda – Content Creator

With a background as an actress and screenwriter, Miranda is passionate about using her creativity to make meaningful content and develop a community. Having had Eczema as a child and coming from a family with severe Eczema, Miranda understands that there’s no such thing as ‘just itchy skin.’ She is particularly passionate about raising awareness of the mental health impacts of skin conditions.


Ruth - Marketing & Customer Relations Manager

As our latest team member, Ruth has a background in womenswear and is excited to now be part of a company that can offer the whole family clothing that makes a real difference. Ruth enjoys interacting with our customers as well as adding new products to our website ready to share with you all. As a parent of young children, Ruth understands the importance of a good night’s sleep, and is a big fan of our super soft children’s PJs.

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