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Albero Natur

ALBERO NATUR is a brand established in 2013 under the umbrella of parent company LEELA COTTON.  Headquartered in Bremen, Germany, their production facilities are in Izmir and Istanbul in Turkey using organic cotton grown in Turkey. 

Both companies are GOTS-certified, with all their products coming from organically grown cotton and being manufactured under fair and ethical conditions.  Albero offers a broad range of comfy cotton garments for both men and women.

Our customers particularly like that they do not have garment labels but use vegetable dye instead to identify the garments sizing etc.

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Beauty Kin

Beauty Kin's aim is to provide concentrated skincare without compromises. Their UK made Soothe Bars are made using a non drying formula that is vegan and cruelty free and soothing for dry, sensitive skin.

As a brand, Beauty Kin really care about the environment and are proud to be Vegan Society accredited, RSPO certified, and Cruelty-Free. All packaging is fully recyclable and their bars use 90% less water to manufacture than gels and liquid soaps.

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COMAZO, based in Southern Germany, was founded in 1884 by Conrad Maier who started out manufacturing fabrics. Underwear manufacturing followed and they have now been doing this for over 100 years.

In early 2009, they became the first German underwear company to be Fairtrade-licensed after launching their first Fairtrade underwear collection made from 100% fair trade organic cotton under the brand label Comazo Earth.

In January 2021, Earth Ltd was founded as a spin-off of the Comazo Group and exclusively produces sustainably made fair trade cotton underwear that is also GOTS certified.

The Comazo group carefully controls its entire manufacturing chain with all production in house. Fabrics are bleached, dyed, finished and cut using modern and environmentally progressive processes. Quality yarn is a priority for them to ensure a super soft finish to garments with minimal shrinkage.

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Cotton Comfort

Created to provide suitable clothing for children with eczema, Cotton Comfort was founded in 1980 under the brand name ‘Cotton On’.  Dorothy Clark, whose daughter suffered with severe eczema, was a pioneer in the use of 100% pure Organic Cotton. Starting with girls tights and nightwear Cotton On revolutionized the lives of thousands suffering from severe eczema in the UK and Cotton Comfort garments are now stocked by eczema specialists around the world.  The garments have also been endorsed by Great Ormond Street Hospital consultants.  

The entire range has been approved by Allergy UK. Garments have been scientifically assessed and approved by qualified dermatologists on behalf of Allergy UK and are deemed to be suitable for people with eczema, sensitive skin and allergies to dust mites, latex and synthetic fibres.

100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton is used for all garments and the majority of the garments are protected by UK registration.  Production is currently in Turkey, Egypt and Ukraine with generally family or communally owned factories that meet high ethical standards.

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Cottonique apparel from Eczema Clothing


Founded by a CEO who suffered from serious atopic dermatitis as a child, Cottonique’s mission is to provide solutions for the millions of people who suffer quietly everyday from the harmful fabrics, chemicals, allergens, and irritants in clothing. They have applied over a decade of innovation in clothing production to bring you allergy-free cotton clothing safe from allergens, irritants, and other harmful chemicals. 

Cottonique is a US company that manufactures in the Philippines using GOTS-certified cotton from India and products include latex/spandex-free and chemical-free 100% cotton bras, briefs, shorts, t-shirts, and nightwear, both in elasticized and non-elastic styles. 
Cottonique eliminates the use of bleaching compounds, colour dyes and textile resins that can pose a threat to sensitive skin. The cotton used is 100% organically-grown and the fabric is highly absorbent and breathable.

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EcoOutfitters uniform and school wear from Eczema Clothing


EcoOutfitters was founded by two London mothers who were frustrated that so many school uniforms are made of polyester, acrylic or polycotton mix.
They wanted the uniforms their kids have to wear for at least 35 hours a week made ethically, with natural and planet-friendly fabrics which have no nasty chemicals, so that kids can be comfortable and allergy-free during the school day. So they created EcoOutfitters to provide school uniform made from 100% pure organic cotton which is not treated with any nasties such as chlorine bleach, Teflon, formaldehyde, and does not contain any toxic dyes, keeping kids cool and healthy while they learn.  

Manufacturing is in India and Turkey and their supply chain, from seed to the final product, is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) against their strict environmental and social criteria. Every stage in making their organic uniforms, such as spinning, knitting, dyeing, and sewing is done without the use of any toxic substances that can affect children’s development and wreak havoc to our already fragile ecosystem.

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HappySkin products from Eczema Clothing


HappySkin is an award-winning brand created by DreamSkin Health Ltd, a company with 10 years experience in dermatology. The HappySkin range for babies and children has taken over 6 years to perfect and uses the highest quality manufacturing and production techniques to produce an innovation in skincare and repair.

HappySkin's unique DreamSkin coating is bonded onto all garments to help treat the skin, eliminating itching and discomfort. This special technology manages the moisture in the skin like a cream, but unlike creams, it allows the skin to breathe, which is why they say you will see a significant difference within 7 days of using their products.

All garments are sustainably produced using 100% biodegradable TENCEL™ cotton fabric, which is made from eucalyptus wood, making it fresh and highly breathable for lasting comfort. No harmful chemicals, dyes or toxins are used during any stage of production. 

The HappySkin range has been put through rigorous parent testing to achieve the accolades of Made for Mums Approved and Mother & Baby Tried & Tested.

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Juliemay Organic underwear from Eczema Clothing


Juliemay is an allergy-free lingerie brand that helps women with eczema and allergies look and feel their best by providing a safe and comfortable alternative. All products available have been certifed as ‘allergy friendly’ by Allergy UK, with the bra sets boasting synthetic, nickel and latex-free labels, alongside being elastane allergy-friendly. Their cotton bra, cotton knickers and silk lingerie are 100% pure silk lined and are made of superior quality Pima cotton and pure silk that are luxuriously soft, lightweight and breathable. By using organic cotton as the main fabric, the brand has curated underwear that is hypoallegenic and breathable unlike
traditional bras that can often create thermal insulation and feel uncomfortable as a result.  The cotton used is tightly woven to eliminate that sweaty feeling and its feel is three times softer than ordinary cotton. 

Their designers have worked with dermatologists to help customers relieve uncomfortable symptoms and reduce exposure to their triggers, whilst ensuring that collections are comfortable and durable.  Juliemay Lingerie having helped many women regain confidence through products that are feminine, ethically made and allergy-free. The garments are produced in China, just over the border from Hong Kong, in a factory that is owned and managed by Tiffany’s (Juliemay founder) family which enables them to product high quality garments with 100% pure silk at a reasonable price yet also maintain high ethical standards.

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Grödo hosiery from Eczema Clothing


The company Wilhelm Grözinger Strumpffabrik GmbH, who sell under the Grödo brand, was founded in 1924 in Dornhan in the Black Forest in south west Germany.  Since 1982 they have been intensively involved in the production of hosiery made from pure natural fibres. They develop the highest quality products with passion and in line with their philosophy "In harmony with people, the environment and wearing comfort". From small beginnings they have developed an extensive range of natural socks and tights for babies, children and adults. They use excellent yarns for this production, which are exclusively dyed in Germany and produced in Eastern Europe (Croatia, Slovenia and Slovakia). In their natural collection stocked by Eczema Clothing, they only use GOTS certified cotton from controlled organic cultivation. Grödo has been a member of the International Association of the Natural Textile Industry (IVN) for 20 years.

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Karpasa London are creators of 100% organic cotton, 360 thread count, high-quality bedding designed to provide every day luxury that is soft on the skin.

Their entire bedding range is made sustainably, without the use of any pesticides or harmful chemicals, making it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

All Karpasa products are of high quality - made to last, soft in texture, more resilient and allow better airflow.

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Living Crafts organic underwear from Eczema Clothing

Living Crafts

LIVING CRAFTS began more than 30 years ago as a sole-trader-business in a garage.  Based in Selbitz, eastern Germany, it has grown to become a prominent eco-friendly company successfully producing high-quality natural textiles under environmentally friendly and socio-economically fair conditions. Being responsible towards nature is first and foremost for LIVING CRAFTS. This approach dictates the strict ecological guidelines and parameters in their production and manufacturing processes as well as in trading and transporting their products. LIVING CRAFTS use GOTS-certified organic cotton grown in Turkey and India – this ensures their raw materials are grown organically without pesticides or chemical additives in the cultivation and processing of the raw materials; their colours are free from poison; they condition their textiles without using any chemical additives; they pay attention to fair working conditions at their production sites.  Moreover, they choose environmentally friendly, non-toxic dyes for our fabrics, keep the environmental impact as low as possible and also fund a research and development department which looks into the use of innovative natural fibres.

Sustainability is not a vogue word for LIVING CRAFTS but a matter of tradition which they are proud of. They hold themselves to high standards such as GOTS and are regularly checked and verified by independent institutes.

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MEDOVIE want to be the first company in the world providing safe, effective, natural and proven by science products which are here for the long term. By mixing the wisdom of traditional Chinese Medicine with advanced research and providing long lasting, holistic comfort to those with restless skin problems through their products and ongoing consultation.

Medovie has dedicated its efforts into extensive clinical studies with hundreds of subjects to develop the ground-breaking 3HX™ formula 96% natural and proven to have positive and recognisable results to chronic skin conditions. Their scientists have overcome many challenges and developed a precise, stabilised method so that every time a product is developed it will have the same high active formulation.

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Silver MSM cream from Eczema Clothing

Silver MSM

Living Energy Systems, who produce the Silver-MSM products, are based in the heart of rural Devon in south west England. What began in 1998 as a father’s attempts to produce irritant-free, effective skin and hair care products for his young family has developed into a company that develops artisanal, innovative, natural skincare products that helps customers internationally.
Living Energy Systems combines the active ingredients colloidal silver and MicroSilverTM (a chemical-free, ECOCERT-approved component with astounding remedial properties) with the simple desire to produce effective and ethical solutions to a range of skin complaints.

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YoRo Naturals from Eczema Clothing

YoRo Naturals

YoRo Naturals was developed by an eczema mum, Jennifer, desperate for a natural solution to her son’s severe eczema. Through numerous trials and errors, countless treatments, and lots and lots of patience, she finally found a combination of dietary changes, natural skincare and protective clothing to help heal her son’s skin by 98%. YoRo Naturals, who supply our organic manuka skin soothing cream, is committed to helping others discover their own unique and natural skin healing journey.  After going through so many trials and errors to heal her son’s eczema, Jennifer was impassioned to create her own line of natural eczema skincare and clothing products that align with her own holistic and environmental values.  Yoro Naturals’ natural skincare products are made with pure, simple, and effective ingredients you can pronounce. Whether you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, or another sensitive skin condition, their clean beauty products will help soothe and nourish your skin head-to-toe.

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Global Organic Textile Standard

What does GOTS mean?

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification for a textile provides assurance that the cultivation and entire process of production are conducted in agreement with the globally approved GOTS standards. These standards ensure a sustainable chain of production of textiles, beginning with the cultivation of organic cotton, an environmentally and socially acceptable production approach right up to transparent labeling on the end product. GOTS also verify that everybody involved in the production chain is earning a fair wage and no child labour is used. By buying GOTS certified products you are not just buying organic, you are
supporting sustainability and ethics in the textile industry.  

Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and harmful pesticides, keeping the soil fertile, water clean, and air pure for future generations.
Organic cotton farmers and their families don’t have to handle any toxins, and they receive a premium price for their cotton, which can help elevate entire communities out of poverty.

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