Do you have a standard size chart?

No.  We stock products from a range of brands and countries and we have found that the sizes vary by brand so we provide bespoke sizing charts per brand/product so that you know how each one will fit.  This is important as we want the fit to be right - not too tight and not too loose - to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.  So please take a look at the individual charts on each product

What fit or size clothing should I buy that is best for eczema?

Sensitive skin and areas of eczema benefit from being covered and kept at a constant temperature. Wearing clothes that are too big can create friction, as the material moves over the skin, and folds which make some areas hotter (and itchier) as well as being uncomfortable to lie on. Any skin on skin contact (e.g. underarms or between legs if the garment is too big) may cause discomfort so the fit should be fairly close-fitting while allowing free movement without feeling tight.

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