Allergy UK Approved

We are delighted that our entire Cotton Comfort range has been scientifically assessed and approved
by qualified dermatologists on behalf of Allergy UK and deemed to be suitable for people with eczema, sensitive [1]
skin and allergies to dust mites, latex and synthetic fibres.

Cotton Comfort garments are purposefully designed specifically for adults and children with eczema and allergies.
They reduce irritation and itching, prevent damage from scratching and protect from allergens.

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[1] By sensitive skin, we mean skin that may become irritated, itchy, red or sore (including stinging, burning sensations) as a result of contact or exposure to allergens.

Why are they so suitable for people with eczema, sensitive skin and allergies?

100% Organic Cotton

Legally retailers are allowed to use a small percentage (2%) of other fabrics yet still maintain that a garment is 100% organic cotton. We do not use this legal allowance, when we say our garments are 100% organic cotton, they really are.

This means there are NO synthetics used in the garments (e.g. no elastane, no nylon, no polyester) and there is no wool used in the garments. 

Chemical Free

Chemical Free

Our Cotton is GOTS and Oeko-tex certified, made without the use of harsh, man-made chemicals or dyes that aren’t skin friendly.

Washable at 60c

Washable at 60c

Cotton is also washable at 60 degrees (unlike silk, Tencel and bamboo) which removes allergens such as dust mites (killed at 60 degrees but not at lower temps), dead skin and cream residue effectively.

Latex Free

Latex Free

There is no exposed elastic and no latex used in any of our garments.

Flat Seams

Flat Seams

All our seams are flat to reduce any irritation from rough internal seam edges against the skin.

No internal labels

No Internal Label

Care labels are placed on the outside to avoid irritation.

Here are two examples of our Cotton Comfort range:

Adult Eczema Scratch Mitten T (also available for Kids)

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