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Trade in your unwanted Eczema Clothing

Trade in your unwanted Eczema Clothing for shopping credits and we'll make sure it goes to a good home.
Nothing you send us will end up in landfill or be sent overseas. 

It’s so easy…

What is it?

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve our sustainability credentials we are thrilled to introduce our Trade In initiative...

Reduce - customers can now return outgrown, unused, unwanted Eczema Clothing items. 

Reuse – all clothing in usable condition will be either re-sold on our website or given to our charity partner Eczema Outreach Support (EOS) to donate to kids and families living with eczema.  

Recycle - any unusable items will be passed onto our recycling partner Cotton Lives On, who recycle cotton and turn it into mattresses, many of which go to the homeless.  

Reward - for every item you return to us, you’ll be given a credit to spend on-line and get something new!  

Reuse - Recycle - Reduce

What can I Trade in? 

We'll accept any Eczema Clothing stock item that has a high cotton content, is clean, undamaged, and unmodified, regardless of its age.   

This covers the majority of our brands including Cotton Comfort, Living Crafts, Grodo and Albero amongst others.  The only three brands we cannot currently take back are  

  • Eco Outfitter school uniform - we don’t hold this stock, it is shipped directly, so we can’t take this back. 
  • Julie May underwear – these items contain silk which we cannot recycle at the moment.  
  • Happy Skin kidswear – these are made of Tencel which again we cannot currently recycle.

The scheme is only available throughout the UK. We're sorry that the carbon footprint and cost to return international items negate the benefits at the moment.

Here's how it works

Trade in from one home to another

Step 1

No photo's necessary!

Visit our online portal and simply select or add the items you'd like to trade-in.

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Use any bag or box around the home to return your items

Step 2

Return items with FREE shipping!

Simply download the shipping label and securely package up your items.

Trade In Prices

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Eczema Clothing Website

Step 3

Credit on it's way!

For every item you return to us, you'll be given a credit to spend on-line.

Keep an eye on your inbox - it could take up to 3 weeks from receipt of your items and processing to issuing your credit.

Trade In Prices

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Why are we doing this?

Find out why we are so passionate about doing our bit for the planet, helping others and reducing clothing waste over on our Blog.


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