Sustainability is a characteristic we feel is inextricably linked to our core mission to support people with eczema and itchy skin conditions: our customers need durable clothes made from quality materials, packaged and delivered in a way that does minimal harm to the planet and people who live in it. 

As we are a marketplace, we see our key role as influencing and persuading our stakeholders, such as our clothing brands and customers, to take sustainable actions alongside us.

We are beginning our sustainability journey, but by end 2023 we expect that:

- All our brands will have an international certification that
covers the manufacture of their items including their materials and provenance, as well as the health & safety and employment conditions of their factories 

- All our brands will use recyclable packaging 

- Our warehouse and delivery partner will have its own accredited
sustainability plan 

- We will continue to sell clothes that are long lasting and of high quality

 - We will continue to enable and encourage our customers to care for their clothes carefully so they can be washed, re-worn and re-used many times over.

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