Sustainability is inextricably linked to our core mission to support people with eczema and itchy skin conditions: providing long lasting durable clothes made from natural quality materials that wash well and last.  

As we are a marketplace, we see our key role as influencing and persuading our stakeholders, such as our clothing brands and customers, to take sustainable actions alongside us.

Trade In

As part of our ongoing commitment to recycling, reuse and ultimately reducing consumption and production of garments we are thrilled to introduce our Trade In initiative ...

Reduce - customers can now return outgrown, unused, unwanted Eczema Clothing items. 
Reuse – all clothing in usable condition will be either re-sold on our website or given to our charity partner EOS to donate to kids and families living with eczema.  
Recycle - any unusable items will be passed onto our recycling partner Cotton Lives On, who recycle cotton and turn it into mattresses, many of which go to the homeless.  
Reward - for every item you return to us, you’ll be given a credit to spend on-line and get something new!  

You can start your own Trade in and find out more here.

We have made good headway in our sustainability journey and we are on track to achieve by end '24 that:

- All our brands have an international certification that covers the manufacture of their items including their materials and provenance, as well as the health & safety and employment conditions of their factories.

- All our brands use recyclable packaging and ideally replace plastic packaging with paper where possible.

- Our warehouse and delivery partner have a clear sustainability plan

- We only sell clothes that are long lasting and of high quality

 - We enable and encourage our customers to wash carefully, recycle and re-use their clothes - see Tern page for our new recycling scheme!

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