Caring for your clothes

Always wash new clothing before wearing – after checking you have the right size!

If you are using the medications/oils/creams associated with the treatment of eczema or other skin conditions it is important that you wash clothing, especially nightwear, after each wearing at the hottest setting on your washing machine to ensure all allergens and irritants are destroyed.

All Cotton Comfort clothing can be hot machine washed. 

A wash that is too cool or too infrequent will result in a build up of creams and allergen (e.g. house dust mites) on the fibres which will weaken the fabric causing an uncomfortable bitty appearance, destroy any elastic and shorten the life of the garment.

For most efficient cleaning always wash your clothing inside out. Keep finger and toe nails as short as possible. 

We recommend using a non-biological washing powder or liquid, avoiding products containing optical brighteners or chlorine bleach.   A hot wash will mean you need to use less powder or liquid and an additional rinse cycle will ensure all detergent is removed. 

Do not use fabric conditioner, as well as a risk of an allergic reaction, fabric conditioners coat the cotton fibres, reducing the level of breathe ability and absorbency.

Medications for skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis can result in a build up of grease and oil in your washing machine and destroy the rubber seal if left. So – although your washing machine is there to wash things for you, make sure you also wash your machine to remove limescale, grease and gunk from the pipes and keep the drum fresh - your clothes will come out cleaner, and your skin will benefit. We recommend that you run a maintenance wash at least monthly. Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to the powder drawer and a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda to the drum and run an empty 90 degree/boil wash.