Our Story

Our Story

We are families whose lives have been dominated by eczema and allergies.

Jo, who took over the business in 2021, and Dorothy, who founded it in 1980, have daughters who had severe eczema as young children.
Nothing can prepare you or your family for the sheer distress of seeing your child suffering as they scratch at weeping, itchy sore skin or endure sleepless nights and stressful days.

Cotton Buds

This personal experience inspired both Dorothy and Jo to design and seek suitable clothing for their own children and then to provide this for others in similar situations.  

Cotton was by far the best available fabric – soft yet durable and washable at high temperatures.  Dorothy was a pioneer in the use of Organic Cotton, always focusing on natural products and avoiding the use of chemicals.

One of our first garments created the foundation for our best selling Eczema Scratch Mitten PJ, made under the brand name ‘Cotton On’ (now ‘Cotton Comfort’). These and other innovative in-house designs were soon complemented by suitable cotton garments found from other brands. 

Over 40 years later, Eczema Clothing now sells more than 100 products specifically designed or chosen for adults as well as children with eczema or other itchy skin conditions from a broad range of skin friendly brands.  We also provide independent practical advice for families living with eczema and allergies.

Our team uses its extensive experience and specialist knowledge to test any new products - often with the input of our most loyal customers - and only include items that make the grade, whether in cotton or newer fabrics like Tencel.  

Tried and tested since 1980.

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