Proton Health

A Personalised Eczema Coach In Your Pocket

Proton Health helps you predict, understand and manage your eczema. It has been created by a team of doctors and lifelong eczema sufferers on a mission to help you stay flare-up free. The app is backed by hundreds of research papers and has been shown to reduce symptoms by half and significantly boost your mental health!

What’s Included:

  • Tackle Your Flare-Ups - predict your flare-ups and receive personalised tips to prevent them.
  • Discover Your Triggers - an advanced algorithm to discover your personal, dietary and environmental triggers.
  • Find Your Perfect Routine - receive custom skincare recommendations from our partner brands with exclusive discounts.
  • Community Support - join thousands of others in our social forum and get tailored support and advice.
  • Peace Of Mind - Over 50 mindfulness sessions to beat stress, elevate your confidence, improve sleep and much more.
  • Research-Backed - The app has been built using 250+ academic papers and improves symptoms by 48%, mental health by 32% and control over triggers by 109%.
  • Secure By Design - We’re GDPR Compliant, ISO27001 Certified and a Class 1 Medical Device.


Review taken from Proton Health's website:

'I feel like a new person - I was born with severe eczema and have tried everything, but nothing has helped, until I found this app. The app has helped me so much to figure out my flare-ups and what treatments to use. I highly recommend this and thank you so much for creating this amazing solution'

Click here to start your free trial and use the code: CLOTHING1000 for a discount when purchasing.

Monthly subscription usually £9.99, reduced to £7.99. Annual subscription usually £49.99, reduced to £29.99 using this code. 

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