The Shape of Skin


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Written by Ruth Holroyd. Ruth is well-known in the eczema and allergy community and has had eczema all her life. Over the last two years her attention and writing has focused in particular on topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) after battling through the process herself.

The poems in this book reveal the anger, pain, healing and acceptance that she went through from childhood onwards. A recommended read for anyone who has gone through, or is starting out on a similar journey. 

These are the poems I wish I could have read throughout my life with eczema. I could never find anyone like me, with my skin or my feelings represented as poetry so I wrote my own. It’s been so much fun and also powerful therapy and healing to write and I hope you love them too - Ruth Holroyd.

Why It's Great 

  • Easy to read and relate to for anyone with experience of eczema
  • Poems inspired by real life experiences
  • Relatable for anyone with a skin condition
  • Poems cover childhood eczema, pain and discomfort, learning to accept your skin