Dairy Free Chocolate

Our 5 Favourite Dairy Free Chocolates

Our 5 Favourite Dairy Free Chocolates

7th July marks World Chocolate day. You'd be forgiven for wondering why we, a company that specialises in making you feel good in your skin, would advocate for a day to celebrate this delicious snack when it's so well known for causing eczema flare's and acne break outs. . .

The truth is, most chocolate bars are packed full of sugar, fats and dairy - ingredients that are best moderated if you live with eczema, and potentially eliminated if you have allergies. 

But if you've a sweet tooth then we have good news! Not all chocolate contains these ingredients. We've done the (very) hard work of hand picking our five favourite dairy free chocolates, from the virtuous to those that will make you ask 'how can that be vegan?' So you can enjoy a chocolate fix whether you're dairy free, vegan, or just want to try something new. 

Moo Free

Started by a mother whose son suffered from extreme eczema, this delicious dairy-free chocolate is our everyday top pick. Jo particularly loves their range of budget-friendly dairy-free Easter Eggs. Plus you can pick them up in most supermarkets - even the little ones.

Booja Booja Chocolates

Great for gifts and that little bit of luxury, Booja Booja specialise in delicious vegan and organic chocolate truffles and ice cream. Started in Norfolk in 1999, this UK company uses minimal ingredients for maximum flavour.

Conscious Chocolates

Sussex-born single mum, yoga teacher and self-made entrepreneur makes these delicious vegan small-batch chocolate bars. Conscious chocolate specialises in high cacao content bars fused with essential oils to create a range of satisfying and unique flavours, from 'Gogi and Coconut' to the intriguing sounding 'Love Potion.' CC's Miranda's favourite is Orange Tangerine  - like a Terry's chocolate orange made good.

Montezuma's Chocolate Buttons

Thanks to it's high content of anti-oxidant rich cacao (beneficial for cell repair and renewal) as well as being choc-full of vitamins like iron and potassium, Dark Chocolate is often toted as a 'superfood.'

For the real caoca purists you can't find much better than these buttons. Completely free from sugar of any kind and formed only with 100% cocao solids. Though this may sound bitter, Brighton based Montezuma's have carefully crafted their recipe, "with a blend of cocoa to ensure flavour consistency and most importantly, avoiding the bitter taste which is common in so many chocolates."

Be warned, cocoa does contains caffeine, so though these are perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up, you may want to avoid them as a night time snack. Montzuma's also make delicious dairy free buttons with 74% cacao solids if you find 100% still too bitter. 

Love Raw Chocolates

Small British brand LoveRaw create dairy-free versions of corner shop favourites. They're Kinder Bueno replica is particularly good, and a game changer for anyone craving a sugary sweet treat. 

Available in milk and white chocolate as well as salted caramel, LoveRaw, offers the most un-vegan vegan chocolate around. These chocs are delicious and dairy free, however they do contain sugar, so if you're looking to reap any anti-oxidant benefits, then you'd be better off going for one of the above.

*contains nuts

Skin Kind. Planet Friendly.  

Cacao Farming

There's a whole world of dairy free chocolate out there. With the wellbeing of the people and our planet at the centre of what we do, we've only highlighted those those who commit to humane and ethical production processes with a minimal environmental tole. As it happens all our top pics are UK based small business too. 

Big Cocoa ompanies such as Cadbury's and many high street coffee shops also now make their own dairy-free chocolate alternatives, and many dark chocolate bars and buttons are dairy-free - useful for baking and budget-friendly options, but be sure to check the label first. Why not check out Instagram page @accidentallyvegan, for some not always healthy, but often surprising  and useful info on supermarket finds that are accidentally vegan.

Mitten T With Opening Hand
We don't think our skin or allergies should mean we miss out on enjoying a little chocolate treat now and then.Have you tried any of our top picks? Or do you have some of your own that you recommend? Let us know in the comments!


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