Does Christmas Trigger your Eczema?

Does Christmas Trigger your Eczema?

Does Christmas Trigger your Eczema?

With all of the excitement, stress, temperature changes and synthetic itchy jumpers, it’s no wonder that many of us feel itchier around Christmas time. We’re sharing our top tips to keep your skin calm and soothed this festive period. 


Feeling stuffy? Watery eyes? It might not just be the common cold but a pine tree allergy – or ‘Christmas Tree Syndrome’ as it’s also known, with symptoms similar to hay fever (red itchy or watery eyes). If this sounds familiar, you may be better off opting for an artificial tree like Eczema Clothing’s MD Jo and her family. 

If you are opting for an artificial tree, it’s worth investing in a good quality tree that's made in the UK and that you can use year on year. After discovering her daughter was allergic to real trees, Jo bought her fake Christmas tree (seen below) in 2004 in a classic style and has used it every year since. Whether you are going for artificial or fake, do be sure to vacuum often to pick up stray needles and minimise mould and dust spores.

To limit dust gathering, why not hold off putting your gifts under the tree until Christmas Eve. Build up the sense of excitement by keeping the gifts in a cupboard so they're free from dust and any excited little hand’s that may want to take a cheeky feel before the big day.


Jo with an Artificial Christmas Tree for Eczema

Gift giving  

Have you got your Christmas gifts sorted yet? We’re all trying to gift less with carefully made pieces that will last for years. If you’re still looking for last minute skin friendly gifts, then why not browse our Gift Guide.

Pjs are a Christmas classic for a reason. Steer clear of cheap, synthetic fabrics which are largely made of plastic – no wonder they make us itch, and treat your loved ones to 100% organic cotton sustainably sourced and crafted Cotton Comfort  Pjs. With kids & adults' sizes available & a range of colours and prints, your skin is sure to feel calm even if you perhaps...don’t.  

100% Organic Cotton Pjs

Candles, body lotions and creams always make a good gift but can cause an adverse reaction for those of us with allergies, eczema, or asthma. They also so often go to waste as regardless of allergies, scent is so specific to each person. The Winter Sample Store Box is a limited-edition gift set specifically curated for people with Eczema and sensitive skin. Filled with fragrance free and specialist eczema creams as well as the Cotton Comfort 100% Organic Cotton Gloves. It makes a crowd pleasing gift idea that is suitable for all skin types.

Winter Eczema Sample Store Box


If you plan to adorn your table with candles this Christmas, it’s worth bearing in mind that most candles are made using paraffin wax which may affect anyone with allergies. 

The best candles to use, although more expensive, are natural beeswax, as Soya Wax candles also contain chemical residues. Natural honeycomb pillar style beeswax candles provide a timeless elegant look. We especially like these ones from Cotswold Why not consider the many realistic battery-operated candles available that give the same atmospheric effect whilst negating the risk of worrying about fire hazards after a few sherries.

Can’t handle the heat?  

Christmas can be hot! Lot of excitement (read stress), more bodies around, heightened emotions, and don’t get us started on synthetic jumpers. Why not consider allocating a 'cool space' away from the mayhem where anyone, sensitive skin or not, can retreat for a time if they need. Maybe a bedroom where the heating can be turned off and a window left open. For additional calm, why not keep one of our Eczema Scratch Mitten T’s ready in the fridge to soothe itchy skin if a flare up occurs. Our opening hand ones are particularly handy; giving you the function to open them up for present time and easily fold the hands back if your skin becomes aggravated.

Eczema Open Hand Mitten T

If visiting friends and family over the holiday period, consider taking a cotton blanket or sheet to be a barrier between you/your child and the sofa. Our 100% organic cotton reversible playmat's are excellent value (£5) and designed specifically for this purpose.  

If staying overnight, then take your own pillows and cotton sheets to prevent possible reactions to unknown perfumed washing powders or fabric conditioners. If there’ll be pets then it’s a good idea to wear a pair of our organic cotton gloves or our open hand mitten T’s, so that you/your little one’s can cover and protect itchy hands.

Enjoying a brisk walk?

Wrap up with thin cotton layers, that can be added/removed to regulate your temperature. If you’re extra chilly after a walk, resist the urge to jump into a hot shower or bath and allow your body to warm up gradually. Then have a lukewarm shower or bath that will soothe and calm inflamed skin.  

If you’re heating your house, place a bowl of cool water next to the radiator. This will stop the room from getting too dry which your skin won’t like.  

Food & drink  

We don’t think an all or nothing mind-set is healthy, and though we know that alcohol can be a trigger for itchy skin, if you do want to celebrate with a tipple this Christmas then just ensure that you have plenty of water to go along side it. If you’ve got extra annual leave to use, why not schedule a day for yourself afterwards so that you can relax in your Pjs and not need to feel self-conscious if an alcohol induced flare does occur.  

If booze is not an option, there are plenty of delicious alcohol-free alternatives on the market now. Our favourites are Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits.

However you spend your festivities this year, we hope that you manage to find moments of comfort and joy regardless of how your skin shows up. From all the team at Eczema Clothing, we wish you a very merry and itch free Christmas.  

Eczema Clothing Gift Guide

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