Eczema Outreach Support: Nurturing Thriving Lives

Eczema Outreach Support: Nurturing Thriving Lives

Eczema Outreach Support: Nurturing Thriving Lives

Wishing everyone a happy festive period from Eczema Outreach Support. We want to thank Eczema Clothing for their continued support raising awareness of eczema and how it affects children and young people's lives. So far, over 300 families across the UK have benefitted from the clothing they have donated to EOS.

Suzi Holland, CEO, Eczema Outreach Support.

As we approach the conclusion of a very busy 2023, we wanted to take a moment to reflect.

Our brand is driven by a profound, personal mission to help families navigate and manage the often-painful experience of having eczema.

As a mum Jo, our MD, was desperate to relieve the suffering of her young daughter, Bonnie – struggling with weeping, itchy skin and enduring sleepless nights. Finding specially designed organic cotton nightwear proved a game changer – helping Bonnie itch less and sleep better.

Our commitment goes beyond clothing. We offer support and share valuable advice through blogs and live web chats, collaborating regularly with medical experts, nutritionists, and other eczema specialists to guide others through the maze of potential solutions and treatments.

One of our most cherished partnerships is with EOS (Eczema Outreach Support).

Eczema Outreach Support: Bridging the Gap

Eczema Outreach Support extends practical and emotional assistance to over 4,000 children with eczema and their families across the UK. Their mission is to ensure every child and young person with eczema thrives.

Simply put, Eczema Outreach Support exists to remind children and young people with eczema that they are not alone.

Established in Scotland in 2011 by Magali Redding, a mother facing the challenges of a child with eczema, EOS emerged from the need for meaningful support—whether a listening ear during tough times or an opportunity for children to connect with others facing similar conditions.

EOS envisions a world where every parent and caregiver of a child with eczema has a reliable source of support. Recognizing the diverse impact of eczema on each family, their assistance is tailored to meet individual needs.

Understanding the profound effects of eczema on families and the isolating nature of the condition, we at Eczema Clothing have been steadfast in supporting EOS. To date, we've donated over £7,000 worth of specialist Eczema clothing products and raised over £600 through a percentage of sales from our bestselling Eczema Scratch Mitten T.

Boy wearing Scratch Mitten T

All in all, we’ve helped over 300 families with eczema by working with EOS.

To learn more about EOS and their impactful work, seek support for your family, volunteer, or contribute—visit here.

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