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How natural fabrics can help your baby sleep💤

How natural fabrics can help your baby sleep💤

Babies need around 16-18 hours of sleep each day. Baby sleep can be so complicated, with many families struggling with constant wake-ups and disturbed sleep. Amazingly, there’s one quick and simple trick which can really help babies get longer, better quality sleep. It’s as simple as organic fabrics!

Natural fabrics, overall, are much more breathable than synthetics – with certain natural fabrics having superior performance than others, 100% Organic Cotton being a prime example. Furthermore, natural fabrics are grown and processed without harmful chemicals (like fertilisers, pesticides and harsh dyes) they are safer and healthier for the environment, human health and sleep quality. Here’s how:

🌡️Better Temperature Control

Many sleep experts agree that one of the most common causes of unnecessary night time awakenings in babies is being too hot or too cold. Synthetic fabrics are not very breathable consequently they trap heat and moisture in all the wrong places.

For this reason, using polyester or poly mix fabrics in sleepwear inhibits the body’s natural ability to regulate temperature. This can make babies wake up feeling either cold or sweaty and can even increase the risk of overheating.

Unfortunately, many so-claimed “organic” baby sleeping bags often use polyester wadding inside. This mitigates the benefits of that lovely organic outer layer as well as increases the risk of overheating for small babies.

With unpredictable weather and fluctuating bedroom temperatures, it's really important to choose sleepwear which is going to maximise your baby's ability to regulate their body heat. The unique, 100% natural fabrics in the Pure Earth Collection sleeping bags give ultimate temperature control and all-season comfort. This can be particularly helpful at keeping babies' cosy through the early hours of the morning, a time when temperatures often drop, and little ones wake up cold.

👶🏻Less Irritation

Organic fabrics are great for sensitive skin or those prone to skin conditions such as eczema or rashes. The fibers are free from harmful chemical residues from the growing process, and no toxic chemicals are added during the dyeing or processing stages. So, they’re much more gentle and less irritating to sensitive skin.

Always look for third-party certifications such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or similar to ensure you’re buying a truly organic product. Read the small print to check that there is no ‘hidden’ polyester in the fill or blended with the yarn. We can safely say that all Eczema Clothing Cotton Comfort Kids Nightwear is approved by Allergy UK and GOTS.

Baby in Cotton Comfort Eczema PJ
🧵Softer, Better Comfort

Organic fabrics are the purest form of natural fabrics available and usually have a superior structure as a result. For example, organic cotton is softer and more durable than conventional cotton. It is hand-picked from longer fibres which have stronger connections from one to the other. The gentle processing methods help to maintain the structures of the fibres meaning a softer, longer lasting fabric.

💤Healthier Sleep

Since organic fabrics are produced without toxic additives, they’re a much healthier option. When friction occurs on fabrics, for example when babies wriggle in their cots or are cuddled, small microfibers are given off into the surrounding air which can be inhaled or ingested. Once inside the body, these start to break down, releasing any chemicals ingrained in those fibres. Hence, organic fabrics are a far healthier choice to minimise the toxic load of little people.

Toddler sleeping in bamboo sleeping bag

When choosing the best baby nightwear, sleeping bags, blankets or duvets for your kids, it’s important to think about both the inner and outer fabric. As the filling makes up the majority of the fabric, it’s really important that it’s a high-quality, natural fibre that is going to help babies regulate their body temperature throughout the night.

Natural fabrics, such as bamboo, cotton, wool and feather have a much greater breathability than their synthetic counterparts, so look for bedding that avoids polyester and favours these natural materials instead. The champion of all these fabrics, and an upcoming hero in the textile world, is bamboo. You can read more about natural fabrics here

This makes Pure Earth Collection bamboo baby sleeping bags a great choice for comfort and temperature regulation and is why Pure Earth Collection developed a multi award-winning organic baby sleeping bags using a unique fabric composition of bamboo and organic cotton. Recently voted ‘Best Sleep Innovation 2023’ spending years developing and testing the technical elements of our fabrics, resulting in a baby sleeping bag which allows for the biggest temperature range on the market (from 13-27°C). Our organic baby blankets use the same pioneering fabrics as our sleeping bags, and our toddler blankets are a great choice for little ones transitioning out of baby sleeping bags into their “big kid’s” bedding to use as a toddler duvet.

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