Meet The Maker

Meet The Maker

Meet The Maker

Eczema Clothing’s MD, Jo Greenslade, recently visited the family-owned clothing factory in Turkey, responsible for much of our own-branded GOTS-certified, 100% organic Cotton Comfort clothing.

Based in southern Turkey, one of the most impressive features of the factory is its modern infrastructure, which the family has invested in during the last few years, constructing a new facility which can be entirely powered by solar energy. They will proudly produce more energy than their needs require, so are able to sell back to the grid, further promoting clean and renewable energy.


However, the factory's sustainable practices extend beyond its infrastructure, and into their production processes through their Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. GOTS is an independent certification that encompasses the entire supply chain, ensuring both ecological and social criteria are met. 

Global Organic Textile Standard 
While many factories may focus solely on certifying their organic cotton, GOTS certification goes beyond that by examining factors such as the factory's waste management, energy usage, and fair treatment of workers. This certification serves as a testament to the factory's overall approach to sustainability.

In addition to providing fair wages, the factory offers free daily lunches to all staff members, ensuring they have a substantial meal during their shift, and fosters a sense of community within the workplace. They also offer employees the provision of health worker support, recognising the importance of the physical and mental well-being of their workforce, creating a factory with a safe and healthy working environment.

Jo came away from the trip impressed with the organisation’s commitment to both the industry and the environment they support and hopes to continue the partnership long term. The factory, run by both the original founders and a progressive younger generation, left a lasting impression on her with their commitment, standards and honest approach.

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