Stay cool during hot and sticky nights

Stay cool during hot and sticky nights

Stay cool during hot and sticky nights

For those experiencing eczema, long, sticky nights can be exhausting, creating worsening symptoms as our bodies lack the restorative healing that nature provides our sleeping bodies. Often falling into the cycle of not sleeping due to itching skin, the lack of rest then increases inflammation in our bodies impacting our ability to navigate our lives positively, impacting both our emotional health and relationships. And for parents of tired children, with grumpy, itchy skins, the nights can be long and relentless.

We’ve drawn down on our personal experiences and offer here a few tried and tested tips from the Eczema Clothing team, we hope offering some help to the itchy skins in your family during this warmer weather.

1. It sounds obvious but keep your bedroom fresh and cool.💧In hotter weather, follow the habits of our European friends, and leave curtains drawn and windows closed during the daytime, to maintain a cooler and calmer environment in the bedroom.

2. Open windows before bed to maximise airflow and hang a damp towel in Spring to stop pollen entering.🌸

3. Invest in smooth organic cotton sheets and blankets or duvet covers.🛌 

4. Hot wash bedding and nightwear frequently to get rid of dead skin, build-up of creams and dust mites or other allergens using appropriate washing powder. 💦

5. If possible, avoid carpets – wooden and tiled floors offer cooler surfaces in summer. Carpets are lovely in winter, but there are now some stunning, washable rungs on the marketplace.

6. Wear organic cotton nightwear which fits well - and keep a spare set in the fridge if very hot. 👕

7. Cover hands with loose fitting integral mittens to limit damage from involuntary scratching in the night. 🖐🏻

8. Minimise temperature changes, perhaps using an electric fan when temperatures rise. We would advise you not to let fans blow directly across bodies, but they’re great for moving the air around. 🌡️

Let us know if any of these work for you, and share your personal top tips for a cool, itch-free night.

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