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Great Ormond Street hospital

Dr David Atherton - Hon Consultant in Paediatric Dermatology, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London

"I have known Dorothy Clark for many years and have recommended her products to the parents of countless children with eczema. I am sure that appropriate clothing, particularly nightwear, is an essential ingredient in the successful treatment of more troublesome eczema. Pure cotton seems to be the ideal material to wear next to the skin.

Eczematous skin is most comfortable if it is kept in an environment that is fairly stable as far as temperature and humidity are concerned. It is therefore generally best to keep it closely covered rather than open to the air, even in the summer.

Dorothy's experience in this area is unparalleled. Allied to her attention to design and quality, the result is a range of garments that are in my view the best available anywhere for their purpose. I would very specifically suggest you consider her all-in-one pyjama suits for night-time wear."

National Eczema Society

Margaret Cox – CEO* National Eczema Society

“Eczema is a whole family condition, watching your child tear their skin to shreds is devastating. Sleep becomes a thing of the past. Life can be miserable.

The National Eczema Society are delighted to have worked closely together with Dorothy Clark from our early days and I hope that her invaluable range of eczema clothing will continue to flourish and to help us all to make life with eczema that little bit easier.”

*to March 2018

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