Underwear for Sensitive or Itchy Skin

Underwear for Sensitive or Itchy Skin

The right clothing makes all the difference to itchy skin. This means the right fabric and the right design. We’ve been there so we know our clothing works.

What is the right clothing for sensitive or itchy skin?

Organic Cotton

Fabric - 100% Organic Cotton

The right fabric for sensitive, itchy or eczema prone skin needs to be chemical-free, latex free and washable at 60 degrees to properly remove creams, dead skin and dust mites. Organic Cotton fits the bill perfectly. 

This breathable sustainable fabric is light enough to float over irritated skin yet strong enough to protect it.  It looks good and lasts well.

Design - Attention to detail

The right design for sensitive or itchy skin needs to protect your skin, fit well and have no tight elastic, no itchy raised seams, no metal or rough fastenings (like Velcro). 

Our carefully curated collection of organic cotton underwear has been specifically designed or chosen by people who understand skin conditions and allergies.

We're here to help

If you have any questions or comments about our clothing please drop Jo an email at jogreenslade@cottoncomfort.co.uk

If you'd like to place, amend or chase an order please email enquiries@eczemaclothing.com (this goes to the warehouse team)

What happens when eczema strikes down there?

itchy skin matters

We’re a hub of support and information for people with sensitive skin. Through our blog ’Itchy Skin Matters’ we aim to raise the voices of those who are often overlooked within the eczema community. You’ll also find our personal insights, top tips and expert advice on our website. 


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