Washable At 60c Or Above

Why is a hot wash at 60c or above so important?

All Cotton Comfort clothing can be hot machine washed

If you are using the medications/oils/creams associated with the treatment of eczema then it is important to wash clothing, more essentially nightwear,on the hottest setting on your washing machine after each wearing to ensure all allergen and irritants are destroyed.

This will ensure you enjoy maximum benefit from Cotton Comfort garments over many months of wear. Your clothing and bedding can contain allergen from dust mites that will not be destroyed by hand washing or a cool/cold wash A wash that is too cool or too infrequent will result in a build up of medication, dead skin and allergen (house dust mite droppings)on the cotton fibres. This will weaken the fabric, causing an uncomfortable 'bitty' appearance, destroy any elastic, shorten the life of the garment and become uncomfortable to wear.

For most efficient cleaning always wash clothing and socks inside out and always wash new garments before use (Be sure to check you have the correct size first and take into account the 5% shrinkage allowance before washing)

Washing your clothes – what to use?

We recommend that you use a Non Bio washing liquid, avoiding products containing optical brighteners or chlorine bleach. Liquid is less likely to result in a detergent build up on the cotton fibres however bear in mind that it is the hot machine wash that will have most effect on washing your clothes clean so consider halving the amount of product used and an additional rinse/spin cycle will ensure all detergent is removed from your wash.

Do not use fabric conditioners – these coat the cotton fibres, reducing the level of breathe-ability and absorbency and risk an allergic reaction.

Eczema medications can result in a build up of grease and oil in your washing machine and destroy the rubber seal if left. So – although your washing machine is there to wash things for you, make sure you also wash your machine to remove limescale, grease and gunk from the pipes and keep the drum fresh - your clothes will come out cleaner, and your skin will benefit. We recommend that you run a maintenance wash at least monthly. Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to the powder drawer and a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda to the drum and run an empty 90 degree/boil wash.

House dust mites and allergen

House dust mites are tiny, eight legged arthropods that invade your home and nourish themselves on the dust flakes of human skin and the dander from our pets. Not only are they an annoying pest, they can cause us some health issues Mostly found in mattresses, bedding, carpets, soft furnishings and clothing it is the allergen(droppings) from the house dust mites that can cause and exacerbate allergies. They produce powerful enzymes that initially break down cells on the skin and then enter the body. This causes an allergic reaction for some people which can lead to hives, itching and eczema as well as asthma and allergic rhinitis Cotton Comfort.

Pure Cotton Comfort Top Tips

Wash everything at 60c or higher – if it cannot be hot washed, do not buy it!

Anything that cannot be hot washed – coats, soft toys etc. can be placed in the freezer for 24 hours (in a poly bag)to destroy house dust mites

Wash nightwear after each wearing

Always wash garments and socks inside outRun a monthly maintenance wash