A Guide to Better Sleep: Choosing the Right Bedding for Eczema Relief

A Guide to Better Sleep: Choosing the Right Bedding for Eczema Relief

A Guide to Better Sleep: Choosing the Right Bedding for Eczema Relief

⚠️Warning! Some facts in this blog could give you nightmares!

In our ongoing quest to help people struggling with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and other itchy skin conditions, we delve into the world of bedding and its intimate relationship with various skin conditions, including facial eczema. Read on with caution as we uncover the surprising impact your bedding choices can have on both body and facial eczema.

Eczema manifests differently across the body, with facial eczema being a particular challenge as your face has thinner skin than some areas of the body, is constantly exposed to allergens and harder to protect with clothing.

So why does what you sleep on have an impact on the persistent itching, inflammation, and irritation associated with eczema?

Well, the average pillow and mattress can harbor tens of thousands of dust mites and host a thriving community of millions of bacteria (we did warn you!). This shocking revelation takes on a new level when dealing with eczema, so we took a closer look at how to manage your bedding to help your skin and provide eczema relief.

1. Reduce Allergens and Triggers: Regularly wash and change your bedding to avoid dust mites and bacteria coming in contact with your skin, particularly your pillow case which has regular direct contact with your face. For eczema sufferers, this isn't just about cleanliness; it's a strategy for minimizing potential triggers. Opt for fabrics that can be washed at 60 degrees – any lower and it won’t kill dust mites. Cotton fits the bill perfectly whereas silk and bamboo can’t be washed at 60 degrees

Discover more washing techniques in our guide could your laundry habits make your eczema worse it’s well worth a read!

2. Let your Body and Face breathe: Using breathable materials in bedding contributes to better temperature regulation for eczema-prone skin.

Choose breathable materials like our Karpasa sheets and pillow cases, crafted from 100% organic cotton with a luxurious 290 thread count. These top-quality pillowcases and sheets go beyond comfort; they actively aid sleep by reducing itching and are ideal for year-round use. Cooling and super soft, these are a game-changer for both body and facial eczema sufferers maximising breathability and moisture control as you sleep.

Whilst we think a good night's sleep is hard to put a price on, we’ve yet to find anyone who offers 100% Organic Cotton bedding to rival ours at more reasonable prices.

➡️Top Tip: Take your own pillowcase with you when you travel to minimize flare ups and irritation.
3. Reduce Exposure to Chemicals: Opt for fabrics (such as organic cotton) that have been produced and processed without chemicals. Organic farming prohibits the use of chemicals whereas the production of standard cotton often uses pesticides and breaking down bamboo into a soft material requires significant chemical use – all of which may carry over into the final product. At all costs avoid ‘easy iron’ or ‘no crease’ bedding! These are usually finished with highly irritating chemicals that are harmful to your skin.

Our products at Eczema Clothing undergo rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality certified organic cotton, offering a haven for your skin whilst you sleep whilst avoiding pesticides, fertilizers, harsh chemicals and dyes. These also include our PJ’s and Nightwear – some of which come with optional inbuilt Scratch Mittens to protect your skin and reduce the impact of scratching during sleep.

In conclusion, the thread (sorry!) that ties together effective eczema management and restful sleep is woven into the fabric of your bedding choices and your washing routine. The nightly battle against eczema is fought not only on your skin but also within the sanctuary of your bed. Choose and wash wisely, and let your bedding become an ally in your journey towards healthier, more comfortable skin.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the best options to reduce eczema flares at night time, so please comment below.

Here’s to sweet dreams and a better night's sleep.😴

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