Who are Living Crafts? Spotlight on our suppliers and why we chose them.

Who are Living Crafts? Spotlight on our suppliers and why we chose them.

Who are Living Crafts? Spotlight on our suppliers and why we chose them.

Over 30 years ago, Living Crafts emerged as a sole-trader business in a garage, and now, based in Selbitz, eastern Germany, it has evolved into a prominent eco-friendly company producing high-quality natural textiles. Specializing in 100% cotton clothing for sensitive skin, including itch reducing Cotton Socks, organic cotton Base-layers, Long Johns and Leggings for eczema and skin irritation. Living Crafts prioritizes environmentally friendly and socio-economically fair conditions in their production.

Organic cotton legging from Living Crafts

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What Sets Them Apart?

Living Crafts stands out as a pioneer in the sustainability movement, with a deep commitment to 100% organic cotton clothing for sensitive skin. Their sustainability practices are not just a trend but are embedded in their DNA. The company actively supports a research and development department exploring cutting-edge natural fibres and production methods. Throughout their supply chain, the focus remains on what's best for the environment, the people involved, and the consumer. With GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified products and membership in the FairWear Foundation, Living Crafts ensures ethical and sustainable practices.

Why We Choose to Work with Them

At Eczema Clothing, we've been collaborating with Living Crafts for decades, drawn to their dedication to organic cotton and sustainable practices. Using GOTS-certified organic cotton primarily from Turkey and India, Living Crafts ensures that raw materials are grown organically without pesticides or chemical additives. Their commitment to environmentally friendly, non-toxic dyes and chemical-free textile conditioning aligns perfectly with our values.

We meet in person with their friendly small team at least once a year – usually at a sustainable trade fair in Germany – and are happy that they have often taken on board our suggestions e.g. for labels that are easier to remove, supporting our quest to soothe and protect sore, sensitive skin. 

Why Living Crafts Clothing is Ideal for Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Topical Steroid Withdrawal and other irritated skin conditions.

With over 40 years of trial and error under our belts, we've found that managing skin issues like eczema requires a combination of lifestyle choices, a proper skincare routine, and the right clothing. Living Crafts' 100% organic cotton clothing, including cotton long johnsbase layers and socks for eczema and organic cotton leggings, with supreme fabric softness and devoid of harsh chemicals, proves perfect for managing and controlling flare-ups.

Explore our range of wardrobe essentials tailored to combat skin irritation and check out our top tips on why natural fabrics are the best solution for sensitive skin and eczema here.

100% Organic Cotton Vest 100% Organic Cotton Base Layer and Long John
 100% organic cotton socks from Living Crafts

100% Organic Cotton Socks 

'My whole family has been wearing these Living Crafts socks for about 20 years. I grew up wearing only 100% cotton socks, so it is uncomfortable to wear anything synthetic or mixed with synthetic fibres. Naturally, my kids have worn 100% organic cotton socks since they were born. They have grown up but good habits don't die...'


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