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Itch less and sleep better - by making clothes part of your solution

Broken skin and broken nights go hand in hand. It’s exhausting, on every level.

We know because we’ve been there. Which is why we’ve made it our purpose to help adults and kids with itchy skin manage the prickly business of skin that just won’t quit.

We provide thoughtfully designed, organic cotton clothing to soothe and protect sensitive skin so that your whole family can live lighter, dream deeper.

The right clothing makes all the difference to itchy skin. 98% of people we surveyed said the right clothing helps manage their eczema.

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Itch Less - Sleep Better From Day One

Great design with the best fabric.

A great product doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design. And by saying no.

No to scratchy labels, no to irritating seams, no to tight collars and cuffs, no to ties, Velcro, poppers or zips, no to chemicals and unethical production.

But a resounding YES! to certified organic cotton. Light enough to float over irritated skin yet strong enough to protect it, our clothing feels and looks good, even through those deep-clean hot washes.

Cotton. Simple, organic comfort. To help you look good, sleep better and, well, yes – feel human again.

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Eczema Clothing using the best fabric

Best Fabric – 100% Organic Cotton

Fabric for itchy skin needs to be natural - with no manmade synthetics like elastane or polyester. It needs to be free of irritating chemicals and washable at 60 degrees to properly remove creams, dead skin and allergens like dust mites. Organic Cotton fits the bill perfectly! This breathable sustainable fabric is light enough to float over burning skin yet strong enough to protect it. It looks good and lasts well.

Eczema Clothing with Great Design

Great Design

Clothes for itchy skin need to fit well, reduce irritation and protect from scratching and allergens. Our pioneering range of eczema clothing has been thoughtfully designed by people who have personal experience of eczema.
So that means flat seams, integral mittens, labels on the outside, cotton covered elastic and close fitting cuffs.

Join 98% of people who say the right clothing
helps manage their eczema.

Itchy Skin Matters

We’re a hub of support and information for people with sensitive skin. Through our blog ’Itchy Skin Matters’ we aim to raise the voices of those who are often overlooked within the eczema community. You’ll also find our personal insights, top tips and expert advice on our website. 


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